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SMOO Holdings was founded by Emirati entrepreneur Mr Othman Al Olama to bring together the various business interests which were started and developed by the family over a 35 year period. The Group has a prestigious client base in Europe, Asia and United States of America. Othman is honoured to have H.H. Sheikh Hashar Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum as Chairman Of The Board and proud to be partnered with a prominent member of Dubai’s Ruling Family, Sheikh Suhail Butti Bin Suhail Butti Al Maktoum.

SMOO Holdings has a number of successful companies under its umbrella, all providing high quality work from an experienced and qualified professional workforce. Operations are aimed at the outset to be completed in a timely manner with insightful and efficient service throughout the process Reputed manufacturers are represented from Europe, United States of America, India and Asia, to meet the requirements of the Construction, Civil Engineering, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Water Industries in the United Arab Emirates, GCC and MENA region

SMOO Holdings holds a highly respected name in Commodity Trading, specialising in the particularly difficult markets for sugar, coal, steel, rice, oil and gold. At SMOO Holdings, no project is too big or small and oftentimes, no single project stands alone. Our special projects division is integrated with the service and maintenance team to ensure that each project can be customized in a way that meets clients’ specified needs in the most cost efficient manner.

SMOO Holdings has one of the most diversified and respected portfolios of active companies in the United Arab Emirates. Never one to stay idle, future planned developments are to include banking and financial services, asset protection and fund management.

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